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About Us

Terra Cruz, means the land with crosses. Terra Cruz owes its name to the crosses that were built to protect travellers throughout the Colchagua Valley during the Colonial times, when the first settlements in the area took place. Our winery honours  those men and women who first established in this area and that has now become world known for its quality wines.


Our Winery

Terra Cruz was founded in the fertile lands of one of the most renowned wine growing valleys in the world,

the Central Valley of Chile. The concept and style our wines has been specially developed by our winemaker together with an Italian wine consultant in order to create a unique concept, Chilean wines with distinctive Italian influence.

Origin of our name

Terra Cruz translates as the Land of the Cross. The history of Terra Cruz, as well as the history of Chilean wine extends to the 16th century, when the conquistadors brought common European grape wine along with them as they colonized South America.

Despite Chile being politically linked to Spain, Chilean wine history has been most profoundly influenced by French winemaking. However the peculiarity of Terra Cruz wines is thanks to incorporating classical Italian winemaking with Chilean grapes.

Terra Cruz wines create a remarkable symbiosis fusing the grapes of the New World with the traditions of the Old World.



Central Valley Regions

Constituted by the Maipo, Rapel, Curicó and Maule Valley, this is Chile’s most productive and internationally known wine region. It expands from Santiago to approximately 300 kms south and with a termal variation that averages 20 degrees on summer has the perfect weather for vine growing.

Additionally the soil’s structure, texture and chemical properties are privileged for viticulture. As a result, in the Central Valley red wines are usually refined and well structured while white wines are bright, balanced and with a wide array of aromas.

Casablanca Valley

Located 75 km northwest of Santiago, the Casablanca Valley was first planted to vine in the mid-1980s. It quickly turned a page in Chile’s winemaking history. Chile’s first cool-climate coastal region soon turned out crisp, fresh wines that caught the world’s attention, and Chile’s search for new terroirs was on.




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